Intellectual Property Law

Protection of Trademarks
A Trade Mark may be comprised of names, words, logos, symbols, numbers, designs, images, the shape of goods . The Cyprus Trademarks laws are governed by Cap. 268 as amended and the relevant Trade Marks Rules, which are based on the English Trade Marks Act and Rules of 1938. Cyprus is a signatory to the Paris Convention for the protection of Industrial Property and has also ratified the Treaty and Regulations of WIPO concerning Trade Mark Law.

Protection of Patents
A Patent is the legal instrument provided nationally, on a European level and/ or internationally for the protection of Inventions of new methods of production and manufacture that can be used for industrial purpose and its range covers industries from pharmaceutical to utility, plant, domestic or industrial devices.  With regards to patents, most European applications have Cyprus as one of their designated countries. Upon entry to the national phase and following the date of grant the patent must be filed with the Registrar of Patents in Cyprus within three months from the publication of the European grant. The Cyprus Registrar will not accept an application if it is not a granted European patent.

Protection of Designs
Industrial Designs are considered to be objects with aesthetic properties that can be used in Industry. With a view to harmonising the national legislation with the European Union Directive for the legal protection of industrial designs, Cyprus has introduced the law No. 4(I)/2002. Under the provisions of the Law the proprietor of an industrial design or sample has the exclusive right of use and prohibits others from using the design or sample without his consent. The maximum duration of protection of a design is 25 years as of the filing date of the application divided into 5 periods of 5 years.

Protection of Copyrights
Copyright is the statutory right to stop others copying or exploiting in any other way original work, without permission from the owner of such rights. Sufficient protection is also afforded to Cypriot nationals for their work notwithstanding the place of publication under its Intellectual Property Laws.

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